Our Partners


A Bear’s Life magazine is published quarterly by Bear Brother’s Enterprises, Ltd, headquartered in White Plains, New York. The first magazine of its kind, A Bear’s Life is celebrates the masculine lifestyle featuring the bear community with sections ranging from fitness and health, current events, and travel to expert advice and highlights of worldwide events. A Bear’s Life is the one and only guide to the rapidly expanding bear phenomenon. More information available: www.ABearsLifeMag.com.

A Bear's Life Magazine introduces the ABL Gold Lifestyle Card. As a Gold Card Member you'll receive perks and discounts from hotels, restaurants and retailers from across the US and Europe. Every week we'll be adding new participating companies to the list as your savings throughout the year will grow.

GSBA members are predominantly sole proprietors and small businesses. GSBA also has many corporate and community nonprofit members. GSBA is a group of people who pride themselves on being good corporate citizens and giving back to their local community. Many GSBA members are also donors to our scholarship program as well as donors of our myriad of other local, LGBT community nonprofits. As a member you will also receive:

bearslife • Your Personalized Gold Membership Card
• Complementary Digital Copy of A Bear's Life
• One year renewal on your paper subscription
• Monthly emails of up-coming events and special
• Complementary entry to specific ABL sponsored events
• Complementary membership to GLAAD
• Discounts at participating restaurants, shops and hotels and
  now even apartment rental complexes!

A portion of the proceeds will be placed in the Bears Life Fund to be donated to various charities throughout the year. For further Information about the gold card; http://www.abearslifemag.com/goldcard.html.



Traverse Arts Project (TAP) is a Philadelphia, PA based non profit Arts organization.
We believe theatrical expression is not only a form of celebration but can also be a catalyst for change. We seek to reveal a mirror of societal reflection that explores the diversity of thoughts and preferences within our society. We seek for the actors and audience to connect and reflect. Within this platform we work to spark thought. We seek to start conversations and promote cross cultural / generational dialogues.

Entering its third season in September 2010, TAP produces and presents a number of Arts and Cultural Events each year including: The Philadelphia International GLBT Arts Festival, an integrated Performing Arts Festival showcasing emerging Arts Professionals representing the GLBT Community from around the world.

* The Annual Nosferau Silent Screening Party with Live Pipe Organ Accompaniment
* The annual Red Carpet Academy Awards(R) Viewing Event
* TAPPY Holidays: The annual Holiday Celebration with Lessons and Carols.

For more information about Traverse Arts Project, visit   http://traversetheater.org.


Our Mission Statement

Pink approved logo

We have carefully chosen our partners after ensuring they meet the quality standards you deserve and the ethos of our exclusive Pink Approved™ program.

These are some key reasons why these partners have been selected:

Dedication – to couples, friends and family
Commitment – to equality and service
Passion – for quality and diversity

With their passion for diversity and the commitment to ensure equality, combined with the ability to present their services globally makes our partners unique and special.

Even in a market that maybe young, attention to detail is vital, that’s why only the very best service will do.

With our partners, we continue our drive to eradicate discrimination of any form across the globe.

Our Pink Approved™ concept ensures quality, reliability and the assurance that for every supplier, vendor, airline or hotel you make contact with, you will experience a team that is there to provide you great service regardless of your sexual orientation.